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Policy Statement
Sanctuary Cities

We should be encouraging people to work together and to follow the laws of the land. Providing sanctuaries for illegal immigrants is, by definition, supporting an illegal activity. Once a criminal illegal alien has served his or her penalty, local jurisdictions that fail to honor a hold request by our immigration service are encouraging illegal behavior. I, for one, do not want to encourage people, nor governmental entities for that matter, to violate the law.

When a city, or even a state, accepts federal money there are always strings attached. So if the federal government gives funds for a project or program, it has the right to require the recipient to abide by certain standards and guidelines. Cities and states that want to take the money and not abide by the federal guidelines need to be prepared to suffer the consequences. It is certainly right and proper that the federal government, or even a state, to remove funding and support for those who refuse to live up to expectations. In other words, you cannot have your cake and eat it too!

If a jurisdiction doesn't want to abide by the rules then it should not take the money in the first place or they should be prepared to suffer the consequences.